Rethinking Retirement: Timing Risk

An important lesson to realize is that losses can overpower gains. In order to “make up” for a loss, a higher percentage return is necessary to make up for the lost funds. Simply put, after a loss, you have less assets to work with, so the remaining assets have to work harder to compensate. Although this can be a minor setback if you are in your early savings years, the closer the losses are to your target retirement age—or if losses occur during retirement—the more impactful the losses can be to your standard of living.

Rethinking Retirement: A Retirement Realities Study

The quest for a comfortable retirement is challenging. American retirees are facing the potential of longer life expectancy, rising health care costs and disappearing pension plans. After more than a decade of economic upheaval, market volatility, and low interest rates, individual investors and their financial advisors are seeking solutions that can help make the idea of a comfortable retirement a reality.

Bridging the Retirement Gap

You have much to consider in your retirement planning. Rising inflation, extended life expectancy, increasing health care costs, and the uncertainty of Social Security income. To help reduce any uncertainty in your plans, it’s a good idea to explore the difference in your projected retirement income and your retirement expenses. This difference represents the gap you may have in your retirement plans. Fortunately, Q-Financial can provide solutions to help you bridge that gap.

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