"Retirement is about income, not assets, because not all assets return the same income"

-Kevin Brunner

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Our company was founded to provide comprehensive financial services and the highest degree of personal attention to individual clients by using a team-focused approach to ensure expert guidance, preparation, and responsiveness through all stages of life and regardless of market conditions.

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Each of our investment plans are customized to your specific needs. We take time to understand the unique situation of each of our clients.

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We've helped thousands create investment and retirement plans to increase their retirement income while saving on taxes

Comprehensive Services

Our array of financial services include tax-efficient retirement, asset protection, business and real estate exit strategies, and more

Our Mission

"Retirement is about income, it is not about assets, because not all assets return the same income."

At Q-Financial, we are committed to empowering our clients with innovative and strategic financial solutions, focusing on the transformative power of Installment Sale Trusts. Our mission is to guide individuals and businesses through the complexities of asset liquidation, ensuring a seamless, tax-efficient transition of wealth.

We believe in the strength of informed decisions and personalized planning, helping our clients navigate the intricacies of tax-deferred vehicles, particularly in the realm of Installment Sales as outlined in Section 453 of the IRC.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the financial landscape and a commitment to tailoring strategies that align with our clients' unique goals. By leveraging the Installment Sale Trust, we offer a flexible alternative to traditional methods like the Section 1031 exchange, providing a pathway to defer taxes and maximize returns. Our expertise extends beyond transactions; we are dedicated to building lasting relationships and fostering financial growth, one installment at a time.

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High-Income Strategies

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Personalized Approach

Each of our clients receive a financial plan for their specific situation. We prioritize your family's wealth to help you build a legacy that lasts for generations.

Competitive Fees

We are a private financial company, allowing us to stay away from expensive broker-dealer contracts. This ultimately makes our fees far less that our competitor's.

Financial Solutions

We prioritize financial solutions that will help our clients the most in their financial journey. This includes deferring capital gains tax, tax-free growth accounts, and risk-conscious investing.

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